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Now make rotis in quickest and the smartest way in a just matter of minutes with Vijayalakshmi’s Roti Maker. To make soft rotis, all you need to do is just prepare the dough, roll it into small dough balls and place one inside the Roti Maker. Next press the handle to get the plates rest on other, get perfectly round Rotis in few minutes. Not only Rotis make Dry Chapattis (Khakra), Mini Dosas, Papads in Roti Maker.

Our Roti Maker features Stainless Steel body; PFOA Free Nonstick coated sides, Sturdy handle, Indicator Lamp, Shockproof body. 

A quick tip for the health conscious choose the Whole Wheat flour in place of the Fine Flour for making Rotis rich in fibre, mineral, and vitamins. Also, benefit from the Oil-less cooking using the Vijayalakshmi’s Roti Maker.

With Vijayalakshmi’s Roti Maker, you will become an expert at making perfect round shaped rotis.