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Non Stick Cookware

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Vijayalakshmi’s Non-Stick cookware range makes your kitchen a complete and perfect place. Our Non-Stick cookware range features: 

  • Virgin heavy gauge aluminium 
  • 3-layer PFOA Free Non-Stick coating 
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • Uniform heating
  • Less Oil to cook
  • Stress Free to Clean

making it a perfect pair for your cooking in years to come. 

Now making soft rotis, parathas, dosas,toasting bread, preparing curries, deep-frying, and sautéing made easy and perfect. Our selected range Non-Stick Cookware offers induction compatibility.It is important to use a POFA free Nonstick coating for the healthy cooking and well-being. Next time, when you choose a Nonstick, ask for Vijayalakshmi’s Nonstick cookware that is sure POFA free. Choose from our exciting range of Tawas, Pans, Kadai, Appachatty and Paniyarakkal to make your kitchen the most enjoyable place of the earth.

Non Stick - Non Induction

Non Stick - Induction Compatible