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vijayalakshmi juicer

With Vijayalakshmi’s juicer meet the everyday needs of a healthy lifestyle, make tasty and healthy juices in no time. Our compact and efficient juicer equipped with a feeding tube and a handy pusher that gives you a choice to mix n match soft and hard fruits during juicing. The easy lock system ensures the spill free smooth operation. The juice container is detachable to store n serve juices as per convenience. The detachable pulp catcher chamber and mesh blade ensures stress-free cleaning.

The juicer form factor makes it convenient for you to store in a kitchen cabinet. The juicer comes with a high power motor suitable for juicing, pureeing, grinding and mixing. 

For added safety, the juicer is equipped with an auto cut off feature, activated by an overload. The strong suction feet offer good stability to ensure the juicer does not slide off during operations. A quick health tip, have a glass of Carrot or Beetroot juice empty stomach in the morning cleanses and revitalises the whole body. The super food Beetroot juice is known to benefit health, skin and hair. Also, the fresh citrus juices supplement your daily need for vitamins and phytonutrients.