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Make everyday ironing and pressing clothes an easy affair with the stylish Iron boxes from the house of Vijayalakshmi. With American heritage non-stick soleplate, the Iron box helps you keep your dresses creased and wrinkle-free. Now dress office formals to weekend casuals adorn elegant look every day. 
Our ergonomically designed iron boxes with comfy handle and body for a comfortable ironing experience covering 33% extra ironing area. The other features include a swivel cord, pilot indicator, thermostat control regulator, the available power range is from 750 Watts to 1250 Watts. 

Choose from our range of  iron models for the convenience of easy and faster ironing.  Our Iron models are available in 3 different range:

  • Steam Iron
  • Dry Iron – Light Weight
  • Dry Iron – Heavy Weight

Steam Irons

Dry Irons - Light weight

Dry Irons - Heavy Weight