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vijayalakshmi induction cooker

Change to smart cooking with Vijayalakshmi’s Induction Stove. Our Induction stove range is sleek in design and sturdy for fast, convenient cooking. The induction technology delivers high heating efficiency and cooks food quicker than the conventional LPG gas stove.

The basic vitamins and nutrients in the food are lost at times cooking on the flame. Our induction stove seals nutrition into the food and aids healthy cooking. With added safety features such as touch buttons and auto- off ensures safe cooking. Easy to use and maintain, the induction stove saves time, effort and money. 

Our upcoming smart induction stove features an integrated Bluetooth handsfree for making or receiving calls and a pair of built-in speakers for listening to music, relax while you cook a scrumptious meal for the loved ones. Soon, share, discuss and listen to the recipe preparations while cooking on the induction stove. An irresistible feature offers the versatility of cooking Rotis on the induction stove plate without a Roti Tava. Our priority is making the kitchen the most enjoyable place on earth.

Induction Hot Plate Models